9 Greeks among America’s wealthiest people for 2017

9 Greeks among America’s wealthiest people for 2017

The list with the richest people in United States was published by the magazine Forbes, known as Forbes 400. 9 Greek businessmen are included on this year’s list with their total fortune to reach 26,2 billion dollars. The minimum net worth to make The Forbes 400 list of richest Americans is now a record $2 billion, up from $1.7 billion a year ago.

1.Jim Davis $4.9 B


The richest Greek of the list is Jim Davis, the owner of New Balance shoes company. We found him in 122 place with total fortune of 4,9 billion dollars. Davis was born in 1943 in the United States to Greek immigrants. Read more about Jim Davis

2.Tom Gores  $3.7 B

Tom Gores is in 200 place with total fortune of 3,7 billion dollars. He is the Chairman and CEO of Platinum Equity. He oversees more than 25 companies with $6 billion in assets. Read more about Tom Gores.

3.John Catsimatidis $3.1 B


John Catsimatidis is in the 248 place with his wealth estimated at 3,1 billion dollars. His group of companies which includes the largest chain of food supermarkets in New York and Florida, 400 Petrol Stations, while he also deals with the Real Estate. Read more about Catsimatidis

4.John Paul Dejoria  $3.1 B


John Paul Dejoria is at 248 place with a fortune that reaches 3.1 billion dollars. He was born to immigrant parents, a Greek mother and an Italian father. His main income source is John Paul Mitchell Systems, his hair products company. Actually, before building his business empire, he used to be a homeless guy living in his car. Read more about DeJoria

5.George Argyros $2.4 B


Number 340 on the list is George Argyros with 2,4 billion dollars. He deals with real estate and investments and had served as U.S. ambassador to Spain. Read more about George Argyros

6.Dean Metropoulos  $2.4 B


Dean Metropoulos is on number 340 of the list with 2,4 billion dollars. He is the owner of Pabst Brewing, which produces more than 24 brands of beer and drinks. His family moved to USA when he was 10 years old. Read more about Metropoulos

7.Alex Spanos $2.4 B


On place 340 is Alex Spanos with 2.4 billion dollars. He is a real estate developer, self-made billionaire and owenr of the San Diego Chargers football team (NFL). Spanos’s story is a great example of how hard work and determination can pay off for those willing to follow their dreams. Read more about Alex Spanos

8.Alec Gores $2.2 B

Alec Gores is in the 359th place with an estimated fortune of 2,2 billion dollars. He is a businessman and investor who made his fortune through leveraged buyouts of technology firms. He specializes in industries namely technology, industrial, health care, and business services. Read more about Alec Gores

9.Peter Peterson $2 B


Last but not least, we find Peter Peterson with 2 billion dollars on 388 place. He is a businessman, banker, author and politician and has prominently served as the United States Secretary of Commerce from February 29, 1972 to February 1, 1973 under President Nixon. Currently he is considered to be the most influential persona in the country. Read more about Peterson