The winner of MasterChef Italia is Greek

The winner of MasterChef Italia is Greek

When Spyros Theodoridis was leaving Athens to work in Italy, he did not imagine that one day his decision to join a cooking TV-show, MasterChef Italia, would bring him to the top and to a prize of 100.000 euros, which, according to the Italian organizers, he truly deserved. The reality show was broadcast by channels Sky και Cielo and its finale attracted a great number of viewers.

The 37-year-old, who is based in Italy since 1997, is planning to leave his clerical job and move to Rivali, where he will work in a renown restaurant for a period six months. Speaking to the Italian press, the Greek chef said that he has some serious decisions to make regarding his future. He also expressed his love for his homeland and the hope that “Greece will soon get out of the current financial situation and Italy will never come to this point”.

As for the recipes that earned him his victory: ravioli filled with squids, crayfish and spinach with a sauce made of foie gras  and black truffle and fish fillet with lobster and prosciutto with a pomegranate sauce.