10 places in Greece that will make you love the snow

10 places in Greece that will make you love the snow

Greece has organized ski centers with modern facilities, satisfying even for the most demanding skiers. Ellines.com team has gathered 10 ski resorts that can offer you unforgettable experiences.

1. Parnassos Snow center 


You will find yourself in one of the highest peaks of Greece in the heart of a national park. Parnassos is definitely a favorite destination because it combines skiing with Arahova.

2. Kalavryta Ski center


It is near Athens, just 200 kilometers away, and it is one of the most “active” and extrovert ski centers in Greece as it regularly organizes activities ranging from nighttime skiing to hiking.

3. Kaimaktsalan Ski center


Kaimaktsalan is one of the best ski resorts of Europe captivating visitors with its spectacular views and the numerous possibilities. The ski center “White Peak” is at an altitude of 2,500 m. The snow due to the altitude lasts from November to May.

4. Vasilitsa Ski center


Vasilitsa Ski Centre is one of the largest and most beautiful ski resorts in Greece. Here skiing means a journey in a beautiful forest of beech trees. As the lifts will lead you to your favorite track, enjoy the view of the majestic mountains that surround you, the mountain lakes and the valley of Grevena.

5. Ski Resort 3-5 Pigadia


It is one of the best Greek ski resorts with ultra-modern lifts and excellent infrastructure. The wonderful natural landscape that surrounds it and the fact that it has the two most difficult tracks in the country, makes it impossible to leave unsatisfied.

6. Pelion Ski center


Just a few kilometers from the city of Volos you can enjoy the fabulous mountain of Centaurs, where you can taste the unique experience of skiing with sea view! The view from the ski center is unique: on one hand you have the Pagasitic Gulf and the on the other the Aegean Sea, the Gulf of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki and in the background Mount Athos.

7. Mainalon Ski center


The mountain of legends and traditions. Mainalo a very important meeting point of nature, history and culture. Enjoy amazing descents and white runs in one of the oldest ski resorts in the country.

8. Velouhi Ski center


It is well organized, expanded and updated constantly, and often organizes activities and events such as night skiing. It is also easily accessible, as it is only ten kilometers from Karpenissi.

9. Elatochori Ski center


Elatochori Ski Centre is located on the northeast side of Pieria Mountains, at “Papa’s Land”, at an altitude of 1450m. Located in a privileged location with spectacular views of Mount Olympus and the Aliakmon.

10. Seli Ski center 


The ski center of Seli opened in 1934 as an organized center. It is located at an altitude of 1534-1900 m. in Mount Vermio Imathia. It has 11 modern ski lifts that lead to recognized 17 downhill runs of all colors (degrees of difficulty) and two cross-roads tracks (langlauf) with possibility of holding international matches.