“Socrates Now” in Australia and New Zealand
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“Socrates Now” in Australia and New Zealand

The most famous trial in history revived through the timeless work of Plato, «The Apology of Socrates» will be exhibited in Australia.

After its huge success throughout the world and the wildly enthusiastic reviews it has received, the play will be presented in March in various Australian cities. Each performance will be followed by an open discussion with the audience about the application of the Socratic thought and action in Greek and global crisis.

“Socrates now” will be presented in Melbourne on March 7, 9 and 10, in the Greek Museum. In Sydney, it will be presented  in the Factory Theatre on March 16, as part of the Greek Festival and on March 14 and 15 in the Seymour Theatre. Finally, it will be presented in La Trobe University in Melbourne as well as in New Zealand.

According to the Greek leading actor and EMMY award winner, Yannis Simonides, the play “is a humorous dramatization of the famous philosopher’s defense in front of the Athenian court, in 399 B.C.”

“In the ‘Apology’, Socrates defends himself against politically motivated accusations of atheism and of corruption of the young Athenians. We try to revive the eccentric but attractive personality of Socrates with simplicity,  and humor, creating a deeply social and political work. As he faces the death penalty, we discover his humor, intelligence,  and his perceptions of virtue, justice, responsibility of the state and the citizen and dedication to Greece.”

The Apology of Socrates was produced in 2004 by the Greek Theater of New York. Simonides notes that he is impressed by the response of the audience especially in Muslim countries like Turkey and Dubai.