Greek cuisine in second place worldwide
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Greek cuisine in second place worldwide

Greek cuisine is considered by most people to be the best version of the Mediterranean diet. It is distinguished by its great variety, since almost every place, every village, has its own variations on traditional dishes and more. From Crete to Macedonia and from the Cyclades to the Dodecanese and the Ionian Sea, each local cuisine offers a wealth of flavours and traditions.
Most Greek recipes are based on fresh local ingredients such as olive oil, fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and cheeses. The combination of these ingredients gives each dish a distinctive taste and authenticity.

All these elements were confirmed by the thousands of citizens of the world, who awarded Greece the 2nd place in the world gastronomy. For another year, the Taste Atlas platform has announced the results of a vote held around the world, through which the 100 best cuisines and 100 best foods in the world are identified. Our country came in second place, while Italy and Japan tied for first place.

In this year’s vote there were a total of 395,205 dish reviews and 115,660 product and raw material reviews. By combining these two ratings, the average for the kitchens was calculated and as a result the final ranking.

Greek cuisine, scored 4.64 with an excellent score of 5 while Italy and Japan scored 4.65. Portugal completed the top five with 4.61 and China with 4.59.

The final list:

The honorary distinction of Greek cuisine at the top of international gastronomy is an achievement that reflects the rich heritage and culture that is highlighted through every taste.

Reviews from thousands of users worldwide formed the basis for the ranking, highlighting the preference and appreciation for Greek dishes and recipes. The variety of flavours, aromatic scents and the imaginative use of local ingredients make up a rich culture of flavours that captures the hearts of gastronomy lovers.