Greeks in the elite of the Special Operations in Europe
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Greeks in the elite of the Special Operations in Europe

At the core of the excellence of the Greek military forces is a constant dedication to high performance and accuracy. There are not a few times when their focus on outstanding performance transcends domestic borders, meeting challenges and winning the respect of their peers internationally. One of the most prominent examples is that of fighter aircraft, where Greek pilots are undoubtedly a model of excellence, earning recognition almost every year as the top pilots in NATO.

However, the high performance of the Greek military is not limited to the air. Their excellent training, determination and consistency are the foundation of their superior competence in every field.

In mid-October, a great distinction came for the Greek SOF of the Special Warfare Command who won the 4th and 5th place in the “European Best Sniper Team Competition 2023”. The international military sniper competition took place in Hohenfels, Germany and was organized by the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) of the 7th Army Training Command of the USA and 45 teams from 25 countries participated. With their amazing accuracy and strategic minds, they once again demonstrated the continuous dedication and high level of training that distinguish Greek military personnel in every operation.

Winning 4th and 5th place comes as a continuation of the also high performance in the “European Best Sniper Team Competition 2022”, in which the Greek Snipers were ranked 1st and 4th among 36 teams from 18 countries. This year’s competition was more difficult, as more countries participated. The results of the last three years, not only in international competitions, but also in all international activities in which the ICF participates, show that the establishment of the Special Operations Forces under a single command has borne the appropriate fruits and has been a milestone in their evolutionary path.

“I can make a shot at 1,500 metres”

One of the country’s best snipers, in a rare interview, revealed details about the special difficulties they face, without mentioning the… secrets of the job.

“You can make a shot easily at 1,500 meters. It always depends on the conditions. The night affects it, it can throw you at 800 to 1,000 but it’s still a long distance to do your job,” the sniper said, adding: “It goes without saying that I love my gun. It takes a lot of study and a lot of attention.”

“One can be a sniper as long as one can stand. It’s not the eyes that give you away first. Your body and your psychology will give up on you first. It takes good fitness so you will last in the field for 10-15 years. What we want is to always achieve our goal,” he said, while giving a context on the importance of mental preparation before every mission.

A mission that most of us, as ordinary civilians, have only watched from the movies. “The movies have a great deal of verisimilitude. Patience is a virtue for the sniper,” he further said and added: “The other element is adaptability. A shooter is on his own and has to decide what the clear target is. Depending on his mission, it’s not always the target, many times it’s the information.”