The first Greek rider to participate in the FIM Junior World Championship
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The first Greek rider to participate in the FIM Junior World Championship

Motorsport may have thousands of fans in our country, but there are few Greek drivers who have managed to stand out in the international arena. With the Acropolis Rally and its vast history, the constant promotion of Formula 1 on state television over the years, the culture and background has been created for many youngsters to try their hand at this difficult sport, but they rarely stand out.

The young rider, Vassilis Panteleakis, does not belong to this category. At the age of just 16, he brings together all those elements that are capable of highlighting him and putting him on the road to international recognition and distinction.

His progress so far and the passion he exudes for his sport have made him one of the most beloved competitive riders in Greece. With his mind set on his dreams, he is once again aiming for the world stage, announcing his decision to participate in the FIM Junior World Championship for the next two years. At the same time, he asks for the assistance of any sponsor who can help him, as the costs of participating in such an event are very high.

“In 2024 we made the big decision to compete in the top Junior Gp class of the Fim Junior World Championship. This class is for the best riders from all over the world aged 16 years and above and is the gateway to the moto GP world championship. “I would also like to mention that for the first time a Greek rider will compete in this top class”, he said in a post on social media, with the ultimate goal of being in the biggest motorcycle championship, the moto GP.

“Because the cost of participation in this category is huge I would like to ask for anyone who is interested and has the pleasure to sponsor this difficult effort and at the same time to promote our country worldwide.”

This is not the first time the young driver has tried his luck on the international stage. A few days ago, he gave his best in a three-day test held at the Guadix circuit in Spain with the aim of being selected in the final ten riders for a ticket to the 2024 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, but he didn’t make it.

He may have received highly complimentary words from the judges, but to reach the final ten you need more than just speed. It takes an integrated approach with world-class sponsors but also… a national motorsport heritage, which makes his personal race to chase his dream a lot harder.

Vassilis Panteleakis, left Spain full of new experiences and images while he continued his racing journey with his participation in Round 6 of the FIM JuniorGP World Championship, in the Hawkers European Talent Cup 2023 category.

The 16-year-old young champion, became widely known in our country by his participation in 2017, at the age of 10, in the talent show, “Greece you have talent”, where he stood out for his character and his humor.