Greek actor joins Suits series spinoff
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Greek actor joins Suits series spinoff

Kassianides has been cast in a spinoff of the wildly popular USA series “Suits”, which stars Gina Torres, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Morgan Spector.

In order to set up his character and backstory in the spinoff, Kassianides will appear in the “Suits” Season 7 finale. The Greek, London-born actor plays a tough guy with a mysterious background, who has ties to both the Chicago Mayor and the city’s biggest developer.

Though not many details have been released about the spinoff series yet, we know it will focus on the world of Chicago politics and revolve around Gina Torres’ current character on “Suits”, Jessica Pearson, who will be shown moving to the Windy City in the series’ season finale.

Many members of the creative team from “Suits” will be transitioning to work on the spinoff, as Aaron Korsh, the creator of the series, will be writer and executive producer on the new show, and Anton Cropper, who has worked on plenty of “Suits” episodes, will also be directing the new spinoff.

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