14 Greeks among the Top 100 most powerful people in the shipping world
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14 Greeks among the Top 100 most powerful people in the shipping world

For yet another year Lloyd’s has published the list of the Top 100 of the most powerful people in the shipping world and like every year Greek shipowners are present. In the top of the list is Xu Lirong from Cosco. In the 7th place we find John Angelicoussis.

The 14 Greeks in the list:

1.John Angelicoussis in 7th place from 5th last year


Few would doubt that the Angelicoussis Shipping Group reflects the business personality of its principal, John Angelicoussis, and even a cursory glance underlines a number of key tenets of his approach to shipping. The group has ensured itself a major presence in every sector in which it operates — dry bulk, tankers and LNG carriers — with strong claims to be considered a leader in both scale and operational ability in each sector. The group verges on 100 vessels in the water and another 30 on order.

2.George Prokopiou in 12th place from 18th last year


As one of the world’s biggest independent tanker owners, George Prokopiou endured the lengthy tanker industry slump and company Dynacom Tankers is now reaping the rewards of his faith in the business.

3. Angeliki Frangou of Navios to 19th place from 16th last year


The past year or so has seen today’s Navios Group — which estimates its enterprise value at $5.5bn — continue to shift its balance from its traditional concentration on dry bulk, with close to three-quarters of its business now to be found in tankers, containerships and logistics.

4.George Economou to the 20th place from 17st last year


While he may find art more ‘exciting’ than shipping these days, the Greek entrepreneur still displays evidence of a true work ethic.

5.Peter C. Livanos, is in 23rd place from 21st last year


Peter G. Livanos stays steady in this year’s rankings, despite the dilution of his influence at hard-charging tanker outfit Euronav.

6.Peter Pappas, is in the 35st place from 31th last year


Petros Pappas has long been one of the most highly-rated players in Greek shipping, and he vaulted into our 2014 Top 100 largely on the strength of an extraordinary round of consolidation that made his Star Bulk Carriers the largest dry bulk outfit on Wall Street.

7. Nikolas Tsakos climbed to 42nd place from 45th last year


As chairman of Intertanko, TEN’s chief executive has led by example when encouraging owners to favour resale acquisitions and avoid speculative newbuildings. Tsakos Energy Navigation and its shareholders have been among the beneficiaries of the tanker market recovery, but being chairman of Intertanko has certainly amplified the influence of TEN’s chief executive, Nikolas P. Tsakos.

8.Kostis Konstantakopoulos in 50th position from 52nd last year


The no-froth chief executive has set a solid expansion course but generally scorns hype and leaves the talking to others IN the past two years, Greece-based containership owner Costamare has won an unprecedented ‘double’ at Lloyd’s List’s Global Awards, scooping the 2014 Company of the Year prize and following it with the 2015 Ship Operator of the Year award.

9.Theodore Veniamis, president of the Union of Greek Shipowners, is in 53rd place from 48th in 2015


Tough and pragmatic negotiator is enjoying a third term at helm of Union of Greek Shipowners. Whatever the fortunes of the sprawling Greek shipping industry may be at any given moment, as president of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Theodore Veniamis is at the heart of the matter.

10.Peter Georgiopoulos is in 60th position from 47th in 2015


11.Evangelos Marinakis in the 61 place from 65 in 2015


Over the past year or so, Evangelos Marinakis has surely consolidated his reputation for being among the industry players able to seal positive deals, even in tough times for shipping and financial markets.

12.John Platsidakis in 81st place


The Greek ex-banker, a mathematics and economics graduate in his youth, is on our list primarily as chairman of Intercargo, the institution representing the international dry bulk carrier industry.

13.Simos Palios in the 95th position from 88 last year


The absolute apex of Mr Palios’ optimism in the company’s earnings calls has been to insist that dry bulk shipping remains subject to laws of supply and demand and that the rule of cyclicality will eventually bring recovery.

14.Polys Hajioannou is in 96th place


Polys Hajioannou, chief executive of Safe Bulkers, is gaining entry to our Top 100 for the first time for putting the interests of his shareholders ahead of his own. Mr Hajioannou came to the rescue twice in 2016, buying two existing vessels and assuming four newbuilding contracts from Safe Bulkers.