Greek sculptor’s exhibition in El Greco Museum
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Greek sculptor’s exhibition in El Greco Museum

The Museo del Greco in Toledo, Spain opens its doors to an extraordinary exhibition by the contemporary and internationally recognized artist of Greek descent, Nikos Floros, commemorating one of the most renown and significant artists of all time, Domenikos Theotokopoulos (known as El Greco).   Highlighting the significance of this exhibit, for the first time in its history, the Museo del Greco exhibited works of a contemporary artist, Nikos Floros, side by side with original works of the grand master who inspired him.

An overflow crowd of international dignitaries entered the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, November 11th through the private entrance used by El Greco himself, again another first.    The exhibit, scheduled from November 11th 2015 through January 10th, 2016 is coorganized by the Prefecture of Southern Aegean of Greece, with support of the Greek Ministry of Education, Culture and Athletics, the Embassy of Greece in Spain, UNESCO, the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the George Best Costacos Cultural and Cancer Research Foundation.

The Director of the Museo del Greco, Juan Antonio Garcia Castro, welcomed Nikos Floros and the distinguished guests to the opening of the exhibition at the “home” of El Greco, and remarked on the significance of the exhibition.    The Ambassador of Greece to Spain, Honorable Nikolaos Pazios also spoke of the uniqueness of the works of both artists, El Greco presented side by side with the works of Nikos Floros.  Honorable Giorgios Hatzimarkos, Governor of the Region of Southern Aegean, Greece, remarked on the great success of the exhibition in Rhodes, Greece, where it had been exhibited prior to Toledo.   The distinguished Olympic Gold Medal Winner in Gymnastics, Ioannis Melissanidis, added to the cultural program of the opening with a reading of excerpts from Report to El Greco, one of the most significant works written by another internationally recognized artist from Crete, Greece, Nikos Katzantzakis.  Finally, Mr. Athenagoras Andreadakis, a successful businessman from Crete, Greece, spoke of the significance of El Greco’s birthplace and original homeland, Crete, in shaping the artist’s sensibilities and talent and invited the exhibition to travel to Crete.

Also present were Honorable Antonios Toumazis, Ambassador of Cyprus to Spain, Mr. M. Kokkinos, Director, General Secretary of Greeks Abroad, Mr. Antonis Kambourakis, President of the Organization of Hotel Owners of Rhodes, Greece, as well as many other eminent members of the business and cultural and scientific communities of Spain, Greece and the United States.

The exhibition includes five works by Nikos Floros, dedicated to and inspired by the work of El Greco and commemorates the 400 year anniversary of his death.

Resurrection of Jesus Christ, 4.5 m x 3 m

Disrobing of Jesus Christ,  5.5 m x 3 m

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, 3 m x 2 m

Pieta, 2 m x 3 m

Portrait of El Greco, 1.10 m x 80 cm.


Nikos Floros remarked, “Today one of my lifelong dreams has become a reality:  to present my artwork next to the work of the Grand Master.  Toledo offered El Greco the opportunity to develop his talent and it is of great significance for us artists to discover our very own Toledo.”




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