How French experts brought to life Apollo’s sculpture
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How French experts brought to life Apollo’s sculpture

The new project of a French digital art company brings ancient Greek god Apollo to life and they named it «Golem x Apollo«. New technologies make art museums come to life. Not hyperbolically, in the sense that virtual reality displays and touchscreen tablets let you interact with art in new ways

Golem is an installation using antic sculpture and video to create the uncanny feelings. The company used face projection mapping technology in order to animate the sculpture of Apollo, one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in Greek mythology, offering moving eyes and verisimilar facial expressions to their installation.

Ιn Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of many things, including the sun, light, knowledge, and art, making him a poetic choice for an experimental installation involving light projections. A making-of video shows how Pottier’s team rigged a light box underneath the bust to make Apollo’s face shadowy, and ominous

It is the beginning of a new era for art museum exhibits in the near future.

BK I Digital Art Company made a real 21st century update to the ancient Greek god of music, poetry, art, light and knowledge by creating a shadowy and haunting atmosphere on the antic sculpture putting a light box underneath it.

Watch the video below