The first 100% Greek satellite is being launched
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The first 100% Greek satellite is being launched

Lambdasat, the first Greek satellite, constructed by Greek scientists, will be launched on Sunday 13-7-2014  from Cape Canaveral. The satellite will be providing real-time positioning of Greek merchant shipping.

Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos, Aerospace Engineering Professor and Astrophysicist at the University of San Jose California, worked with a team of ten Greek researchers to develop the satellite.

The purpose of the satellite is to monitor Greek merchant ships which are threatened by piracy, especially off the African coast, alerting authorities to any risk.  The purpose of the satellite is clearly communicative. It will fly over the earth and provide real-time positioning of all Greek merchant ships. The aim is to reduce the risk to Greek ships and their crews, from pirates.

The satellite cost just $100,000 to construct and its cost was covered by donations from Greeks. Additionally, NASA will undertake the cost of delivery.

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