He won the International Fireworks Competition
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He won the International Fireworks Competition

Greece won the first place at the International Fireworks Competition Ignis Brunensis 2014, which was held in the Chech Republic. Pavlos Nanos was the captain of the Greek team and managed to come first among 50 countries from all over the world that participated in the prestigious event.

Fireworks of different size and color created an impressive show, executing with utmost grace and precision the choreography of producer and director Pavlos Nanos. The show was accompanied by a synchronized music performance.

This year the teams of the Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria and Greece went to the finals of Ignis Brunensis. The head of the Greek team Pavlos Nanos, designed the choreography based on the financial crisis issue.

“We were three Greeks, myself and two firework technicians. It is like a regular theater performance, only fireworks are the actors” he said.

The performance took place before the eyes of 150,000 spectators, who were moved by the Greek show, which won the first prize. The award was given to the Greek winning team on June 19, at a special ceremony in the Town Hall of Brno, where the national anthem of Greece was also heard.