China: Tribute to Cyclades
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China: Tribute to Cyclades

The first 2014 issue of the monthly Chinese magazine “World Traveler” (Luxing Zhe) reflects the love that the Chinese people have for Greece with a 100 page tribute entitled “Endless Sea, Seamless Love – Forgetting the time in the romance of the Aegean”. The magazine presents the Greek islands of Paros, Mykonos, Delos, Milos and Santorini providing information on their history, culture, local cuisine, beaches, hotels and entertainment.

The tribute was held by the travel agency “WORLD TRAVELER MEDIA” which is  based in Shanghai, after five journalists were hosted in the Cyclades for nine days in October. The journalistic mission was organized by the Region of Southern Aegean, the Greek Consulate General in Shanghai, the MTC GROUP and the Municipalities of the islands.

Based on data from the Greek embassy in China, in 2013 about 30,000 visas were issued to Chinese tourists. However, it is calculated that a total of 100,000 Chinese citizens visited Greece last year through visas granted by other countries, as the first countries of entry into Europe. That same year, according to the Tourism Organization of China , over 100 million Chinese traveled abroad , spending over 100 billion dollars in foreign markets.

Meanwhile, four half-hour TV episodes will be screened in 33 local television networks in almost all Chinese territory, in 31 metropolitan areas and provincial capitals, while the entire tribute will be available soon on the web at the organization’s website WT.