Pioneer in large scale software systems
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Pioneer in large scale software systems

Alex Biliris has been involved in the technology industry for over thirty years with expertise in the areas of data management and large scale software systems – as a computer science researcher, entrepreneur and, currently, as an angel investor, mentor and advisor to technology startups in the New York area.

Currently, he is Member at New York Angels, a group that advises and invests in early stage start-ups; Managing Member at Junction Capital Management LLC; Adjunct Professor of computer science at Columbia University.

In the past, he was a senior technologist with AT&T Labs (1996-2002) and Bell Labs (1991-1996) where he helped develop AT&T’s strategy and offerings in data management, cloud hosting and Web content delivery services. He also lead the development of data storage systems for the first-ever Interactive TV service offered in the US and helped develop several large scale systems (EOS, SaveMe, BeSS, Ode) for transactional data management and Teradata’s massively parallel data server. Before joining Bell Labs, he was an Assistant Professor of computer science at Boston University (1985-1991). Further, he served as a Visiting Lecturer of computer science at Princeton University (1992-1993).

He is the author of 12 issued patents and over 30 technical articles in leading conferences and journals, and the co-editor of a book on databases. He received a Ph.D. in computer science from George Washington University in 1985. He further completed a Mini MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and AT&T Business School in 1997.