Chief at Massachusetts General Hospital Neurosurgical Service
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Chief at Massachusetts General Hospital Neurosurgical Service

Nicholas T. Zervas is a Higgins Professor of Neurosurgery Harvard Medical School and Chief at Massachusetts General Hospital Neurosurgical Service.

Nicholas Zervas was born on March 9, 1929 in Lynn, Massachusetts. In 1950, he received his A.B. from Harvard College. In 1954, Dr. Zervas received his M.D. from the University of Chicago School of Medicine . From 1958 to 1962 he served as a resident in Neurosurgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and in 1962 he became a Teaching fellow in Surgery at Harvard Medical School . At Harvard Medical School, Dr. Zervas taught from 1967 to 2000. In 1986 he was appointed the Higgins Professor of Neurosurgery. From 1967 to 1977, Dr. Zervas also served as the Chief of the Neurosurgical Service at Beth Israel Hospital , the same position he would hold at the MGH from 1977 to 2000.

Nicholas Zervas was the longest serving Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at MGH. During that time he personally made important original contributions to the understanding and treatment of pituitary tumors and cerebral vasospasm. His commitment to excellence in resident training and promotion of the professional careers of trainees and junior colleagues is reflected in the association of his Department with the highest of academic standards throughout the world. At the time of Dr. Zervas’ retirement in 2000, he was named the Distinguished Higgins Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and a Visiting Neurosurgeon at the MGH. Throughout his career, Dr. Zervas served on more than 20 Medical Associations, including the American Medical Association , the American College of Surgeons , and the Boston Neurosurgical Society. He also contributed to more than 260 publications and 50 abstracts.

Dr. Zervas was a lifelong patron of the arts and an accomplished pianist. These passions have culminated in a long-term relationship with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Dr. Zervas has been a Trustee of the Boston Symphony Orchestra since 1988 and was President from 1994 to 2001.

“Dr. Nicholas Zervas has remarkable talents in several realms. As Chief of Neurosurgery for 23 years, he maintained the preeminence of the department, attracting and mentoring a generation of the finest neurosurgeons, and training more chiefs of service and academic professors of neurosurgery than any of his contemporaries. As a surgeon, Dr. Zervas became one of the leading pituitary surgeons in the world, performing more than 3000 operations of this type by the time he stepped down. He was President of the Boston Symphony, and is a talented musician himself. He has an innate inspiration for all things scientific and technical, and this has moved him and others around him to create several pioneering technologies that have advanced substantially our medical armamentarium. Among his great talents is his almost uncanny instinct for people, their talents, motivations, and character. He has used this to encourage and foster the best among his colleagues and friends, always with the highest standards, motives, and humanity in mind.”, says Prof. Eric R. Cosman, MIT.


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