Cacao’s enchanters

Cacao’s enchanters

With striking spice notes and exotic and cool aftertaste, Kakau Worship’s handmade chocolates offer a wonderful dining experience right from the jungle of Peru. The entire production process, from the roasting of coconut to its eco-packaging, are carried out exclusively by the Greek company.

Kakau Worship was created through the discovery of the cocoa culture in South America, where Aris Flokas was trained in the production of homemade chocolate, and a little later he co-operated with Tassos Theodosiadis. Today, based in Athens, their laboratory specializes in cocoa processing and chocolate production from organic cocoa beans. The two young, self-taught chocolate-producers supply high-quality cocoa beans and make handmade, organic and ethical chocolate plates from scratch.



Aris Flocka’s mother opened her first crêpe-store in the jungle of Peru, while he lived in Mexico. When he visited her, he decided to stay and open his own herb shop in the Amazon, and some months later decided to open a chocolate workshop in Greece, in Pagrati. The self-taught man, along with Tasos Theodosiadis, inaugurated the Kakau Worship on June 23, 2018, introducing excellent quality beans from Peru and Guatemala, only from producers with good and moral practices.

As Kakau Worship writes at its site, many ancient tribes used cacao since the prehistoric times. A huge variety of cacao trees are growing in the tropical area of Peru which creates a smooth milky taste with a great gamma of earthy flavors. Guatemala is the birthplace of Maya and where the first chocolate drink between the priests and the magicians was served in ritual mysteries. Chocolates produced with cocoa in this magical area have intense aromas of berries and notes of cocoa beans.



The materials used in its production, other than cocoa beans, which are an ideal snack with high levels of Magnesium rich in vitamins and plenty of minerals, are cocoa powder, coconut sugar and cacao nibs.

Cocoa powder is rich in cacao butter (20-22%) can be used to make any chocolate drink and a variety of pastry creations. Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener derived, from the unopened blossom of the coconut tree (Cocos Nucifera). Its taste is similar to brown sugar, but with distinctive notes of caramel. There is evidence, which indicates that coconut sugar was used even in Paleolithic times. Cacao nibs are a superfood additive to your breakfast with notes of chocolate. Cacao nibs give the opportunity to taste the different flavors and aromas of each bean.



The journey begins with the examination of the cocoa beans to determine the type of baking, which reveals the aromas and flavor of each bean. Then, once the recipe has been created, the ingredients are milled in a granite stone mill for 36 hours. Then, the roasting follows, “The more roast the more woody, the bitter it tastes and loses the delicate aromas,” explains Tasos Theodosiadis. “They are put into the crusher and become small pieces – what they call “cacao nibs” in their language.

Depending on the content that each recipe instructs, they produce from 55% cocoa to 90%. At this point, they add sugar and herbs. Chili, cardamom, coffee, vanilla or coconut flakes are chocolate flavors that have been marketed with their studied brand. They use coconut sugar from Indonesia, which is less sweet, but more delicious.

“In another machine that works like a heated mixer and a blender together, nibs and cocoa butter which come from Peru are mixed.” Chocolate is completed by the process called laying chocolate and the bars are placed in a biodegradable sack of tree bark and hand-packed in recyclable paper with respect to nature.



In addition to chocolates, they also sell cocoa of different kinds, in packaging that depicts the eco-friendly, fresh look of the two new manufacturers, with Kakau Worship’s emblem, a totem.

“The majority of the decisions we make in life is a matter of choice. On the other hand, some people do not have this basic right. In Kakau, the main purpose is to support equality. The path begins where the cocoa trees are cultivated with fair conditions from farmers and is completed in the hands of every chocolate lover” the ideology of the business defines and the makers follow it faithfully.



The Kakau Worship began operation in June 2018 and in July of the same year won the competition European Bean-to-bar 2018, organized by the International Chocolate Awards, where it was distinguished with three awards. Dark chocolate 85% – Kakau Worship 90% Guatemala Collection received the Bronze Award, the dark chocolate bars made with alternative natural sugar – Kakau Worship 70% Peru Collection received the Silver Award and the Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces – Kakau Worship 62% Guatemala Collection Coffee received the Bronze Award.