An exploration journey to Greek flavours

An exploration journey to Greek flavours

Three years ago, project was launched by a group of young people, growing and developing ever since. The idea was born in 2011 by a group of young people and after a thorough research and hard work the site was launched on December 2013.

In the electronic grocery you can purchase authentic local products from every corner of Greece.

Without wasting precious time in transportation and regardless of your location, you have the opportunity to place your order fast and easy.

More than just food products, offers a unique experience of taste adventure, by using edge technology multimedia, promoting the best products of Greek regions and by highlighting real Greece and its eternal dietary and cultural values.

It is an innovative recommendations adjusted to our needs by combining the modern with the traditional through a complete display of the Greek country, products and recipes, producers and production methods through photos, videos and descriptive texts. All the orders are expedited within 16 to 36 hours all over Greece and E.U. with low cost transport.


Yolenis’ goal is to promote the Greek products and the Greek producers in the international markets, boosting the development of the Greek economy. By activating the original power of regions, we contribute to the sustainable, environmental, financial and social development of the Greek countryside and provide a way out of unemployment.

Moreover, we promote the natural wealth of Greece, the rare geomorphology of intense contradictions, the various microclimates of regions, the immense biodiversity, the respect to environment, all features that guarantee the unique qualities of Greek products and play a major part in the development of agricultural tourism, for which the company has specific plans for the future.

We foster the Mediterranean Diet. The majority of our ingredients endorse the key products of the internationally acknowledged model of the Mediterranean Diet that constitute elements of the Greek cultural heritage.

The company’s plans for the future are:

  • Advertising abroad with immediate launch in Europe and starting target United Kingdom and Germany.
  • Creating of retail places, where people can have a tasting experience.
  • Participating in cooking tv shows, where greek products will star
  • Multichanneled activity including besides e-commerce, collaborations with important companies in tourism and Greek entrepreneurship and providing variety of original corporate gifts


21/09/2013: Following the launch of our website beta version, we experienced the implementation of our ideas for the first time, after fixing all issues resulting by our research efforts of all aspects of our operation.

5/12/2013: Our website was edited and ready to launch. Our first advertising campaign was also launched in Greece.


Navigating through thousands of words, hundreds of images and recipes of our website content, the visitor has the opportunity to discover surprising facts about the Greek gastronomy, the use of products and their application in traditional recipes.