A dreamy landscape that reminds the Alps just 2 hours away from Athens

A dreamy landscape that reminds the Alps just 2 hours away from Athens

Enchanting landscapes can be found in all corners of Greece, but when they are within easy reach of the city and especially Athens, then they take a prominent place in the list of nearby getaways that can reward you handsomely. One of them is Lake Doxa.

It is located at an altitude of 900 meters, in the heart of Ancient Feneos and is technical. Its construction was completed in the late 1990s, with the creation of a 225-metre-long dam in the bed of the Doxa stream, which was designed to meet the irrigation needs of the Feneos valley. Until then, the waters of the torrent joined the waters of the Olvios river and very often flooded the Feneos valley basin, which had disastrous consequences for the agricultural crops in the area.

Thus, Lake Doxa was created, which is located on the edge of the impressive forests of the mountainous Corinthia, among towering oaks and fir trees, creating a unique sense of overwhelming natural beauty. The landmark of Lake Doxa, is none other than the chapel of Agios Fanourios, located in the center of the lake, the most… instagrammable spot, since it is quite popular in the photos of this social media.

One of the most beautiful trails of the mountainous Peloponnese, starting from the shores of Lake Doxa, it passes through a dense fir forest and reaches the peak of Dourdouwana at 2,109 meters. The Kefalonian fir and black pine trees are an ideal refuge for the wildlife of the area. Here, waterfowl and small birds set the pace, frogs, turtles, lizards, but also deer, jackals and wild boars are just some of the residents and visitors around the lake.

Walking around the lake, you will find local producers on your way who set up their wares in the morning and treat visitors to honey, cheese and sourdough bread.

A range of activities are available for visitors to Lake Doxa, the most popular being horseback riding along the lake, on trails or forest roads, and swimming in the waters of Doxa. Bicycle rides on the low paths and around the perimeter of the lake. For the more adventurous there are mountain bike trails, but what is worthwhile are the lake bikes available, which create a sense of peace and solitude. For food, the local taverns in Feneo are famous for their well-cooked local meats, poultry, legumes made from local ingredients.

The Feneos plateau

Arriving in Feneos, you will almost certainly feel somewhat small in front of the large plateau that stretches between the mountains Ziria and Chelmos as well as the 9 beautiful villages that almost circularly surround the area of Feneos.

Some call it “Corinthian Switzerland” since the fir trees at this altitude and the pine trees lower down, in winter with the first snows, give the visitor the feeling of being in an alpine landscape.

The particular climatic conditions prevailing in this area, combined with the morphology of the soil, create the right environment for the famous Feneos beans and fava beans to grow and develop. Giant beans and lentils of high nutritional value are reintroduced to the Greek family through imaginative recipes with the stamp of the producers of the plateau.

How to get there

There are several ways to get to this enchanting place-palace of the soul. Either you will exit from the Athens-Patras National Road at the exit of Kiatos, or you will go from Derveni or choose to go up from Xylokastro. Whichever route you choose, you are sure to be compensated – despite the twists and turns you may encounter – since every time you change gear, the scenery will change along with it. Prefer low gears so you can fill up on images.