The traditional resort of Mani

The traditional resort of Mani

An atmosphere from another era, with the imposing stone towers, typical of Mani’s architecture, awaits those who choose Limeni for their holidays. The seaside resort in the prefecture of Laconia is less than 5 km from Areopolis and about 28 km from Gythio.

The intense turquoise color of the sea, combined with the stone-built traditional buildings, create an impressive landscape, which in itself makes you want to explore it inch by inch.

According to history, Limeni was the home of the Mavromichalis family. The landmark is the four-storey tower of Petrobeis, which has been fully restored and stands imposingly on the highest point of the bay. Its unique, arched openings transport you to the atmosphere of the era, when the palace played an important role in the years of the revolution. The tomb and bust of Petrobey Mavromichalis are located there. Apart from the Palace of Petrobey and the beautiful landscapes, the visitor will also see picturesque churches such as the chapel of Agios Sostis.

In the northern part of the village, you will find the old monastery of Panagia Evretria or Vretis. The oldest part of the monastery is a two-storey building with ancient megalithic architecture. The church and the three-storey tower were built around the beginning of the 18th century, and later the other three two-storey buildings were added to serve as cells for the monks. These buildings create a protected area with the main entrance facing the sea.

The wild beauty of the settlement could not but be accompanied by the wild beauty of the landscape. Most of the beach in Limeni is rocky. If one wants to find a long beach one can go to the long sandy beach between Neo Oitilo and Karavostasi. There, the crystal clear and clear sea water, together with the excellent natural environment, challenges you to swim.

Like all of Laconian Mani, Limeni has a special and rare beauty. The visitor, it is worth a long walk to the Cave of Diros, to Gythio and to the enchanting Vathia. No one is left indifferent to this land that emits its own “energy” and enchants the visitor.

Limeni has excellent hotels and guesthouses that harmoniously incorporate the authentic local architecture, with captivating stone towers. In addition, the enchanting coastline is adorned with charming fish taverns, among which “Takis” stands out as a picturesque jewel, adorned by its boat gently anchored at the pier, conveniently located just outside the entrance of the accommodation. In order to preserve the charming and timeless allure of the harbour, the local authorities have chosen to forgo the presence of shops and services within the settlement. However, should one require essential amenities, the neighbouring area of Areopolis offers a range of amenities, including a petrol station, health centre, bank, supermarket, pharmacy and even a daily newspaper agency.