Acting in her genes

Acting in her genes

Alexandra Cassavetes, an actress and director, was born on September 21st, 1965, to the famous actor and director John Cassavetes and actress Gena Rowlands. It appears that acting runs in the family, as her brother is the actor-director Nick Cassavetes and her grandmother is the actress Katherine Cassavetes.

In 2004, Alexandra, nicknamed Xan, directed her first documentary under the title Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession, exploring the historic influence of the cable television Z Channel. The film was embraced by critics and was later screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2012, Alexandra Cassavetes, wrote and directed her first dramatic feature film Kiss of the Damned.


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  1. Fayez Abedaziz

    I appreciate what a talent her dad, John was, and I was quite saddened when he left us.
    But boy, what great works he left us and what a fine, serious talent and lovely lady Alexandra is.
    I was just watching a Columbo, from the the old tv show, clip, and there was John, very good!

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