She conquered the Antarctic with a pair of snowshoes

She conquered the Antarctic with a pair of snowshoes

There is a saying according to which, if you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. However, there are things, that no matter how much someone wants to have he must toil in order to achieve them. This was something that Stephanie Solomonides knew very well when she decided to ski for about 900 km so as to reach along with seven other athletes, to the southernmost point on earth, Antarctica, in order to welcome 2010.

It took them thirty-nine days of hard effort, where every day the 27-year old Cypriot had to ski six to ten hours in temperatures that touched even the -40 degrees Celsius. As recorded in a related story of the newspaper «Fileleftheros» of Cyprus, the eight-member team of Commonwealth-girls from Cyprus, India, New Zealand, Jamaica, Singapore, Brunei, Ghana and the United Kingdom, during the journey should tow a slay which was loaded with food, supplies and equipment they needed to carry out their mission and was as heavy as eighty pounds.

Solomonides could not hide her emotions, for the success of her journey. Excitement and happiness, considering the difficulties of the expedition, as she said, «the last twenty days of our course, we could see nothing around us but snow and ice”.