Leader of anti-Dictatorial Action in Montreal

Leader of anti-Dictatorial Action in Montreal

Born in Athens, but she was forced to immigrate to Canada and she found herself in Montreal, where she worked at the bank Toronto Dominion. During the dictatorship, Vrisiis Mavrou Paidousi-led to the foundation of organizations of resistance such as Makriyannis, the TDM, the Greek Relief Fund, an organization which was raising money for the relief of political prisoners in Greece.

At the same time she led to the foundation of the Labour Association, the Greek Federation of Parents and the Organization for the Rights of Citizens, to offer assistance to the Greek immigrants and help their integration into the Canadian society. She was an active member of the anti-dictatorial struggle, during which her Greek nationality and passport were removed.

Vrisiis Mavrou Paidousi also led to the foundation of the Hellenic Canadian Solidarity Committee for Cyprus, with direct responsibility to collect materials for the uprooted from their homes Greek Cypriots and to raise money for their relief. She is married to Professor of the McGill University Michali Paidousi, Honorary Consul General of Cyprus in Montreal.