Immunity, not only as protection against daily anxiety

Immunity, not only as protection against daily anxiety

Dr. S. Vassiliadis, born in 1958 in Athens, is holding a Ph.D. degree in Medical Sciences-Immunology from the University of Alberta in Canada with a specialty, as a Research Investigator, on the analysis of recurrent miscarriages that have an immunologic background.
Dr. Vassiliadis exhibits an abundant internationally accepted publication record since 1990, when he returned to Greece, considering the low budget available for funding local research programs. He also demonstrates a rich and significant scientific involvement in local and international research programs and collaborations.

His research career commenced while he was a student at the University of Alberta, serving successfully a four-year paid research position offered to him by the Canadian Red Cross, with an option to tenureship which could not be realized as he had to return to Greece in order to serve the Medical Corps of the Greek Army.

During his stay in Canada, he contributed to the advancement of Greek-speaking education issues by accepting a paid position as a teacher in the Greek School of the Greek Orthodox Community of Edmonton under the direction of general principal, Dr. Athanasios Tavouksoglou. The aforementioned school was, and still is, under the auspices of the Hellenic National Ministry of Education that provides textbooks and other learning material but not -unfortunately, due to distance and low financial budget- the equivalent and appropriate teaching staff, despite the continuous and strenuous efforts the local community.

Alongside his input at the Greek School, and being a registered member of the Northern Alberta Heritage Language Association, he was involved in organizing events related to the Greek community in relation to the cultural heritage of Greece and the Greek language. Note that the province of Alberta is doubtless the only Canadian province that has to the outmost degree developed a web of esteem that concerns the national origins of people living and working in Alberta through the Alberta Heritage Association, a venue which is hosting the Annual Edmonton Heritage Days, a worldwide famous attraction as to the dissemination and exchange of cultural aspects between almost all the countries of the world.

With his return to Greece, one of the major achievements of his career was the founding and direction of the Immunology Centre of Crete assisting couples with infertility problems of immune aetiology applying, for the first time in Greece and with enormous success the method of intravenous administration of immunoglobulins (IVIG) and analyzing in detail, as evidenced by a series of publications that received international recognition, the production and / or suspension of hormones and growth factors necessary to confer the required balance for reproduction.

As an expert in this field, he was encouraged to collaborate with the Gynaecology Clinic at the University Hospital of Crete where he was testing and classifying all cases of infertile couples, being also in charge of the training of young gynaecologists in the Abortion Clinic under the direction of Professor Eugene Koumantakis. In parallel, he was offered a teaching appointment at the School of Medicine, Division: Maternal-Child.

In recent years he is being working in partnership with well reputed European scientific teams of psychologists and psychiatrists who record and categorize cases of HIV / AIDS while his involvement deals with the epidemiological point of view of this endeavour.

Recently, he founded and presides an International Affiliation under the name «Association of Greek Immunology Graduates [AGIG]» whose main objective is to a) internationally locate and record all Greek Immunologists holding a University degree in immunology and being actively engaged in this field of study with an ultimate goal to bring them in scientific contact, and also b) identify all those working in the field of Immunology but with a degree of another specialty. Despite the rapid expansion of the immunological science and its involvement in virtually all clinical pathologies, this area of interest remains fairly limited as to the subject of specification, creating thus a necessary task to find all Greeks Immunologists for collaborations, conferences and joint publications of achievements, both at home and abroad. The website of the Association is: