Mediterranean diet of the World Cup

Mediterranean diet of the World Cup

He has all the ingredients that lead mathematically to success. He knows about good food, he has business acumen, while the situation is highly favourable, as the place of action, Cape Town, is where the heart of football fans beats this summer. We are talking about Protouli Anthony, a famous restaurant owner in South Africa.
Not long ago, a country’s newspaper, were saying about the Greek immigrant son, «there are people who definitely have a business star and Protoulis is one of them. Timidly he began – tentatively four years ago to become literally the talk of town of Cape Town. He is the Greek who touched success early.
His three restaurants, City Grill, Meloncino and Greek Fisherman, are some of the spots that will surely visit anyone traveling to the capital of the country. However, the reputation of the Greek cuisine makes her an option for many stars of the artistic, sporting and political life of the planet.
So, Anthony Protoulis has every reason to boast that he has… «fed with Greek food”, among others, Charlize Theron, Tom Jones, Zinedine Zidane, Tyra Banks and dozens of other famous people. He likes to keep a low profile, his work is the best advertising and it speaks for itself. This is the main feature of his success, say the Greeks abroad.

He does well what he knows, without placing exaggerating about his work and he sets new goals all the time which he reaches slowly and steadily.