The “Mad Nomad” on the tour of America with a motorbike

The “Mad Nomad” on the tour of America with a motorbike

He wants to explore as many places as he can on earth. The word for Elias Vrochidis, as he is known by his nickname, Mad Nomad, once again climbed on his motorbike with his partner, Angeliki, and set off from the White Tower for his next trip of a lifetime. A trek across the American continent.

And if for someone such an exploration seems too difficult, for Elias Vrochidis, it will not be the first time. After his two expeditions to Asia and Africa on a motorbike, it is his turn to explore the American continent. This time, he will be accompanied by his partner, Angeliki, in a van that the couple has configured as their base.

It has been configured in such a way that they can stay overnight and carry their equipment for the various activities that will include what they have dubbed “Action Traveling”. Cross-country motorcycling, paragliding (paragliding), kayaking on rivers and lakes, sailing, horseback riding and hiking in places impassable by any means of transportation.

And if one wonders how long it might take them to get around the Americas, it is enough to know that Elijah’s journey in Asia took 2 years and 2.5 months, while in Africa it took 3 years. This time, the couple hopes to be able to travel for even longer, and they expect to travel more than 100,000 kilometers from Patagonia to Alaska. They’ve dubbed this crazy venture “mad about Americas” and their first stop will be Uruguay. There, where the ship that will carry the expedition vehicles from Europe to the Americas is expected to arrive at the end of September.

From there, the adventurous couple will head south, as Patagonia is their great desire, which they want to explore thoroughly. The departure took place from the White Tower of Thessaloniki on Sunday 23 July at 12:00, where relatives, friends and acquaintances bid farewell to Elias and Angeliki, where it seems that it will be a long time since they will see them again. Their news will be published on their website and on social networks under the same name.

Elias Vrochidis has written three books, which recount his adventures around the world, “27 Full Moons in the East”, the corresponding photo album and “I travel so I exist”.