“Chase your dream in Greece”

“Chase your dream in Greece”

Her interest in the arts, particularly in rhetorics and drama, was the reason she chose to complete undergraduate and graduate studies in creative fields. Nadia currently works for the state government of Queensland, Australia, as a communications consultant. Her duties include coordinating interviews with federal and state officials, and advising at a strategic level on issues of communication and media, thereby supporting the state government in the difficult task of managing knowledge and cultural programs.

In 2008 she had the chance to represent Australia in the Program of Linguistics and Culture, organized in Greece by the Ministry of International Relations and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad. She remained in Greece for a month, and in that time she devoted herself to the Greek language, tradition and modern lifestyle, along with other Greeks of the Diaspora.

Furthermore, she had the opportunity to meet with President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias and Greek members of Parliament. Nadia embraces cultural diversity and has traveled to Australia, Asia, South Pacific, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Europe. She dreams of learning to speak Greek well, playing great piano, making amazing moussaka and walking around the world looking for the Greeks of the Diaspora, trying to discover who they are and what they do.