Best known for her role in CSI Miami

Best known for her role in CSI Miami

Sofia Milos is an actress, who is best known for her role as Yelina Salas on CSI: Miami.

Milos was born on 27 September in Zurich, Switzerland. Her father is from Italy and her mother from Greece. The family moved to Rome when she was a child. In her teens she entered a local beauty pageant and after winning first prize, she went to win the provincial, regional and national contests as well. Milos studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in the United States.

“My parents, like many other immigrants in those years, came to Switzerland to make a better life for themselves. My mum is from Kalamata; my dad was originally from Potenza. They met at work in Switzerland, married after a few months, raised a family in Dietikon and moved back to Italy when I was seventeen” she explained in an interview.

Milos is best known for her role as Yelina Salas on “CSI: Miami”, she has also had a recurring role on “The Sopranos” as Camorra Boss Annalisa Zucca, as well as roles in TV series such as “Curb your Enthusiasm”, “Friends” and “ER”. The Greek actress has also participated in several TV series among them are: the “Strange Luck” (1995), the “Life with Roger” (1996), the “Mad about You” (1996), the “The Love boat” (1998), the “Curb your Enthusiasm” (2000), the “The Twilight Zone” (2002), the “The Border” (2007-2009) and the “Tatort” (2011).

Milos has also participated in several films such as the “Over the Line” (1993), the “Screw Loose” (1999), the “The Cross” (2000), the “Ladie’s Man” (2000), the “Double Bang” (2001), the “The Order” (2002), the “Passionada” (2002) and the “The secret of Joy”.

Her hobbies are painting and cooking.

“I love representing and painting women, because women are smart and beautiful” she said.