The Greek illustrator of the Titanic

The Greek illustrator of the Titanic

Nick Kaloterakis migrated to Australia 15 years ago and started working for Popular Science, the famous American magazine that illustrated his works on a regular basis. Making constant headway in digital art, Nick was then offered an illustration project by National Geographic on the occasion of the Titanic 100-year anniversary edition.

Born in Athens, Nick Kaloterakis’s origins come from the city of Chania on the island of Crete. While in Greece, Nick had shown interest in photography, drawing and graphic arts, but soon after he left the country with his Greek Australian wife and moved to Australia in 1997.

At the time he completed his academic studies, the 3D animation industry was already booming. That’s the reason why he rejected the scholarship he was offered by a production studio and got into work without delay at Engine Studio in Atarmon.

Nick himself says he needed 5 months to create the illustration of the Titanic. He worked next to an expert team of oceanographers, artists and scientists focused on studying up close the Titanic wrecks for years. He successfully tried to design the monumental ship with historic and technical accuracy.

The Titanic 100-year anniversary National Geographic edition was a sold out success, breaking the record turnover of the last 3 years.