Supplies the United States with bread for more than 70 years

Supplies the United States with bread for more than 70 years

Christopher N. Tsakalos is the third generation family member and operations manager of H&S Bakery Inc. which is one of the largest privately-owned bakeries in the United States.

The Paterakis and Tsakalos families, who both emigrated from Greece to America for a better future, founded the H&S Bakery Inc in 1943. Paterakis came to America in 1921 with his wife, Kyriaki, and their daughters, Despina and Liberty. Their son John was born in 1929. Meanwhile, Roanthi and Nicholas Tsakalos also emigrated from Greece. Their son Harry married Liberty Paterakis, bringing the two families together. In 1943, Harry and Steve, for whom H&S is named, opened a bakery together.

At present, H&S Bakery, along with its affiliates, is comprised of 14 divisions operating in seven states with distribution in 23 states.

Christopher N.  Tsakalos joined his family’s business as a teenager in high school. He studied Business Administration at Stevenson University. Today he is in charge of orders, production, maintenance, packing, logistics and quality control. He also directs both the Safety and Sustainability Teams at H&S.

When not baking, he supports the Lardarius Webb Foundation, which works to help keep young people in Baltimore in school and off the streets. He also assists the organization Helping Up Mission, which comes to the aid of Baltimore’s poor and homeless and assists those with drug and alcohol addiction.

In 2012, he received 40 Young Leaders Under 40 Award from Greek America Foundation and Greek America Magazine.