The first Greek cosmonaut speaks to

The first Greek cosmonaut speaks to

The Hellenic American Union, honoured the greek descent cosmonaut Theodore Yurchikhin – Grammatikopoulos.
The Greek-Russian cosmonaut Theodore Yurchikhin – GRAMMATIKOPOULOS came in Athens and spoke to
«When i was a little boy we talked both Greek and Russian at home. My parents often talked about Greece. I still remember the words of my grandmother Efterpis, which said take my eye out, as long as you let me with the second eye see Greece. I remembered her words when i was on a cruise passing through Greece. Then I said to myself, my grandmother did not make her dream come true, but I managed to see Greece even from far. I do not know if it’s true but in Russia many Greeks say that we love Greece more than the Greeks. There is a small part of truth in it.»
Although he has traveled four times in space, he does not seem ready to retire yet.
» From a young age I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. My life is the realization of my dream and to continue live it. «
When we asked if he sees in the future, Greece starring in space industry, he told us that it is his hidden hope.
«Greece from ancient times had myths about Icarus and so many others, thus Greece has no right to sit on Earth . We must fly! I dream to see a Greek fly» he said.
«I would prefer to have a station that could unite the entire Greek population of Earth . Transmitting television broadcasts from Greece but also from Greek diaspora. It is an important task for me. The transmission of Greek ideals and spread them across the world is extremely important to me, as history demonstrates the values of Hellenism are eternal and timeless».
What does Greece mean for Mr. Grammatikopoulos ?
«Greece gave the world civilization , but for me the most important is that this country created and popularized orthodoxy.»
He is very concerned about the economic crisis that has affected Greece and especially about the fact that there is a big increase in young people and young scientists who leave the country for a better future.
«I would like to ask Greek parents what they did so that their children wouldn’t have to think to go abroad and leave Greece. Greece faces really serious problems, but i do not think we need material assistance. I would like the Greeks of the Diaspora to give ideas and examples so that Greece becomes Greece with capital letters ! «

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