Washington Post: An Experiential Tribute to Messinian Mani
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Washington Post: An Experiential Tribute to Messinian Mani

An experiential article – tribute to the picturesque and full of surprises region of Messinian Mani in Peloponnesos Greece, was published on the website of the leading American newspaper, Washington Post. The author, Roberto Loiederman, an American writer, presents the beauties of Greece by describing his personal experience vacationing in Mani.

It all started as a 10-day family vacation but in the end turned out as a life changing experience for all the family. They chose to rent a big house in the remote, non touristic village of Mani which they found on a website. They drove all the way there from Athens in order to admire the breathtaking view from the Messinian Gulf, the Mediterranean and the Taygetus mountain and enjoy the journey.They were amazed immediately upon their arrival in the village of Mani, Nehori. The traditional stone house was fully renovated and equipped and the family felt at home from the very first moment. The village was peaceful and picturesque and locals welcomed them with an open heart.The author loved the wild landscape and took many walks in the narrow and steep trails around the village. During his walks he observed the locals. Men were usually in groups either outside of their houses or at the central cafe discussing politics, economy and history while drinking coffee or the traditional retsina wine. Women were also sitting in groups outside their houses or at the village square chatting, knitting or trimming vegetables.

The family gathered around the table every day, either to eat fresh local products or try traditional recipes in the local taverns. Moreover, they really enjoyed the crystal clear beaches of Mani’s seashore as well as the extremely beautiful and picturesque neighboring villages. They also went on boat excursions to visit the caves that were in the region and the emblematic stone towers which are the architectural feature of the region.

In the end, it was a different and unexpected — a lovely and unforgettable experience for all the members of the family. As Loiederman states in his article: “We’d gone to the Mani Peninsula purely by chance, for a family gathering. But as the days passed much too quickly, I realized that it’s impossible to spend any time there and not learn at least a few life lessons.”

You can see Washington Post’s tribute here.

 Source: greekreporter.com