Greece shields itself on AI issues with the MIT professor as a reference point
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Greece shields itself on AI issues with the MIT professor as a reference point

The rapid technological developments at all levels, but especially in the field of artificial intelligence, has brought upheaval and a fruitful reflection in most countries of the world, which one after the other coordinate consulting services even at the level of moral education.

Our country, with so many distinguished scientists and professors in Greece and abroad, could not remain a mere observer of the developments and so, a few days ago, a special advisory committee was set up under the Prime Minister for Artificial Intelligence, headed by MIT professor Konstantinos Daskalakis.

The major challenges that technological developments in this controversial field bring to our doorstep will be the focus of the committee, so that the country is prepared in the direction of participatory resilience, competitiveness, sustainable growth and prosperity.

The multiple possibilities and opportunities arising from the use of AI, as well as how Greece can implement a framework to protect against potential inequalities, maladaptations and risks, will be at the heart of the science-based advice it will provide.

It will make policy recommendations and provide guidelines for the long-term formulation of a national AI strategy, focusing on the areas of importance for Greece: the economy and society, improving productivity, increasing innovation, strengthening infrastructure, managing the impact of the climate crisis, supporting human capital and social cohesion, creating quality jobs, defending national digital sovereignty and improving the functioning of the economy, and improving the quality of the economy. At the same time, it aims to identify areas where Greece has a competitive advantage and can be at the forefront of the international debate on the use of AI and to suggest ways to creatively combine the application of ethical and regulatory rules with the promotion of innovation, by the public and private sectors, and will contribute national positions to the European debate on the regulatory framework for AI.

“Our task will be to formulate policy proposals that will highlight the benefits of AI for Society, Economy, Science and People, while identifying challenges and addressing potential risks”, says Konstantinos Daskalakis, stressing that the members of the committee will work in a coordinated manner “so that Greece becomes a member of the international initiatives on AI that are developed within the framework of the international organizations that our country participates in and becomes a participant in the global dialogue on the development of AI. The presence of high-level Greek researchers and scientists both inside and outside Greece constitutes an important legacy that will help us in the interesting work ahead of us.”

The committee is formed by:

– Konstantinos Daskalakis, Professor of Computer Science at MIT, who will head the Committee.

– Drakopoulos Kimonas Assistant Professor in Data and Operations Science at the University of Southern California

– Evangelos Karkaletsis Evangelos Research Director at the Institute of Computer Science and Telecommunications of the National Research Centre for Computer Science and Technology (NCSD) “Demokritos

– Kinti Vassiliki (Vaso) Professor of Philosophy of Science and Analytic Philosophy at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science of the University of Athens

– George Pagoulatos Permanent Representative of Greece to the OECD

– Panagopoulou Fereniki Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law, Data Protection Law and Bioethics at Panteion University and Director of the European Laboratory of Bioethics, Technology Ethics and Law at Panteion University

– Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and President of the International Academy of Doctoral Studies in Artificial Intelligence

– Director of the “Archimedes” Research Unit of the University of Athens, Greece. Director of the Research Centre “Athena”

– Stavropoulos Andreas Vice President of Endeavor Greece – Partner in Threshold (former DFJ) Ventures – Member of the Board of TAIPED

– Tasioulas Ioannis (John) Professor of Ethics and Legal Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, University of Oxford

– Tsekeris Charalambos Vice President of the National Bioethics & Technology Ethics Committee.