The Greek woman from Nafplio who is climbing the British Vogue ladder
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The Greek woman from Nafplio who is climbing the British Vogue ladder

At a time when the stereotypes that wanted those who grow up in the countryside to have fewer opportunities for advancement and opportunities to pursue their dreams, have begun to decline, the course of young Thalia Metallinou from Nafplio, comes to confirm the above in the most characteristic way.

Born in Nafplio and raised there, but also in Corfu, she has always had dreams and aspirations for her development and her life which far exceeded the limits and the… boxes of the Greek domestic reality and society. She invested early on in her excellent command of English and began her education at Pansik, laying the foundation of her knowledge of fashion there. When she completed her education, she knew that with only these skills she could not, most likely, make the career she dreamed of.

So, she made the decision to continue her studies at the University of the Arts London and more specifically at the London College of Fashion, where among other things she did a placement term at the famous fashion magazine, Elle. Her path to the international stage of the major fashion publishing houses had already begun. Her dedication and her studies brought her resume to the human resources department of British Vogue, where she was eventually asked to do her internship there.

After working hard for a whole month, the British Vogue team offered her a permanent position. Thalia joined in April 2018 as an intern and continued in the position of Fashion Market Coordinator. In a highly complex and demanding role, which was coordinating and involved the magazine’s relationships with brands and fashion houses, a matter of vital importance and responsibility for the magazine.

She was aware of all their new products and then in close collaboration with the commercial team she set the priorities for each issue looking for the best way to promote them, either in print or online. In addition, her responsibilities also include overseeing the photo shoots.

Her outstanding performance over the years in her challenging role brought another success. A few days ago, British Vogue, announced the promotion of Thalia Metallinou to Acting Retail and Special Events Editor. A position that is directly related to the medium’s extroversion, events and a large part of the visibility and glamour of the industry passes through her hands.

As she says in an article in FAQ magazine, she managed to put into practice everything she heard from her mother: “As long as your mind has conceived this path and you have dreamed it, it means you have all the potential to achieve it. Only you can stop it from happening.”

“What is happening was meant to happen. When you give it your all and face all your fears head-on the doors just open wide. Because, as Alkyoni Papadakis has said, life never betrays its lovers,” she adds.