Eight Greeks among the scientists with the most significant influence
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Eight Greeks among the scientists with the most significant influence

Eight professors and researchers from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens are included in the ranking of Highly Cited Researchers (h> 100), by Webometrics.

This board is compiled twice a year, based on information from the public profiles of Professors and Researchers at Google Scholar. It records University professors and researchers who, through their writing and research work, have exerted a significant influence on science over time.

The updated ranking published on May 2 concerns data collected in the last week of April 2020.

It includes 4,167 Highly Cited Researchers, ie researchers with h-index> 100. In other words, researchers who have at least 100 research papers submitted as valid references from at least 100 researchers in their own work.

It is a special distinction for the research work of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and more specifically for the research staff of the Medical School of the Foundation, the participation of the eight faculty members and researchers.

The eight professors and researchers of EKPA with the significant research impact worldwide are Professor George Chrousos with h-index 190 and 152,817 hetero references, Professor Dimitris Trichopoulos with h-index 156 and 103,407 hetero references, Professor Antonia Trichopoulou with h-index 135 and 100,600 hetero references, Professor and Rector of the Meletios Foundation – Athanasios Dimopoulos with h-index 131 and 79,957 hetero references, Professor Christodoulos Stefanadis with h-index 114 and 69,928 hetero references, Professor Gerasimos Filippatos with h-index 113 and 166.777 hetero references, Charalambos Moutsopoulos with h-index 111 and 51,209 hetero references, and Professor Marinos Dalakas with h-index 111 and 45,327 hetero references.

The professors and researchers in this panel, whether alive or not, are ranked with a declining grade with a refering of the University to which they belong. The first ranking criterion is the h-index, and the second criterion is the total number of references.

In the 2020 ranking, as mentioned above, there are 4167 researchers and professors from around the world. First on the list is the well-known Philosopher, Psychologist and Professor of the Collège de France Michel Foucault (1926-1984) with h-index 296 and 1,026,230 heterogeneous references.