In 6th place at the Mediterranean Games
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In 6th place at the Mediterranean Games

The 18th Mediterranean Games took place in Tarragona, Spain from the 22nd of June to the 1st of July where Greece finished sixth in the gold medal count and fifth overall. The multi-sport event which takes place every four years unite twenty-five European countries, Asia and Africa, while promoting good sportsmanship between the neighbor-countries of the Mediterranean.


The Greek teams with 299 athletes and 63 coaches, competed in 27 out of 29 sports of the 18th Games, did their best representing Greece which has a permanent seat at the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG). The athletes won 11 medals less for Greece, than they did at the last Mediterranean Games in 2013, winning 12 golds, 14 silvers, and 21 bronzes and providing hope that they can do very well at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.



For the overall appearance of the team, Chief of Mission, Antonis Nikolopoulos, told the Hellenic Olympic Committee “I think our presence in Tarragona was absolutely successful and, despite the absence of several champions in various sports for various reasons, the final harvesting of medals is very much satisfactory. More specifically, we won medals in 16 of the 27 sports that we took part in. I want to congratulate all the athletes, the ones who stepped on the podium of the winners, but also those who did their best for Greece.”



Since the start of the Mediterranean Games, Greece has always been a part of the event ever since. Its historic route began in 1951 in Alexandria, Egypt. The Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, Mohammed Tahir Pasha, was the first who came up with the idea of the Mediterranean Games and his proposal was first presented after the 1948 Olympic Games in London.



With Greek John Ketseas’ support, the IOC realized their dreams and in 1951, when the home of Tahir Pasha was offered to host the first event in Alexandria. In 1955, in Barcelona, in the 2nd Mediterranean Games, the plan for the establishment of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games was launched, which began its operation on June 16, 1961, with Secretary-General Ioannis Koutseas. Until 1967, only men were involved in the event, and since 1991, the year of the Mediterranean Games is always one year after the Summer Olympics.


Historically since its first event in 1951 up to today, Greece has won 787 medals overall in the institution.



Gold Anna Korakaki Shooting 10 m air pistol
Gold Andreas Vazaios Swimming 200 m individual medley
Gold Christou – Gkolomeev – Koliopoulos – Vazaios Swimming 4×100 m medley relay
Gold Konstantina Benteli Weightlifting −58 kg Snatch
Gold Kristian Gkolomeev Swimming 50 m butterfly
Gold Apostolos Christou Swimming 100 m backstroke
Gold Kristian Gkolomeev Swimming 50 m freestyle
Gold Theodoros Iakovidis Weightlifting −94 kg Clean & Jerk
Gold Maria Prevolaraki Wrestling −53 kg
Gold Athanasia Fakidi Sailing Laser Radial
Gold Aikaterini Nikolaidou Rowing Single sculls
Gold Ntouskos – Stergiakas Rowing Double sculls
Gold Christou – Gkolomeev – Karpouzlis – Vazaios Swimming 4×100 m freestyle


Silver Eleni Chatziliadou Karate +68 kg
Silver Konstantina Benteli Weightlifting −58 kg Clean & Jerk
Silver Dimitrios Aslanidis Weightlifting −85 kg Snatch
Silver Theodoros Iakovidis Weightlifting −94 kg Snatch
Silver Rafailía Spanoudaki-Hatziriga Athletics 100 m
Silver Konstantinos Baniotis Athletics High jump
Silver Elisavet Pesiridou Athletics 100 m hurdles
Silver Thomais Emmanouilidou Rowing Lightweight single sculls
Silver Marokos – Nikolaidis Rowing Lightweight double sculls
Silver Eleni Kelaiditi Rhythmic gymnastics All-around
Silver Konstantinos Chamalidis Taekwondo −68 kg
Silver Greek women’s team Volleyball Women’s tournament
Silver Greek men’s team Water polo Men’s tournament


Bronze Apostolos Christou Swimming 50 m backstroke
Bronze Theodora Drakou Swimming 50 m backstroke
Bronze Anna Ntountounaki Swimming 100 m butterfly
Bronze Apostolos Christou Swimming 200 m backstroke
Bronze Theodora Drakou Swimming 50 m freestyle
Bronze Stefanos Dimitriadis Swimming 200 m butterfly
Bronze Andreas Vazaios Swimming 200 m butterfly
Bronze Baka – Drakou – Drasidou – Ntountounaki Swimming 4×100 m medley relay
Bronze Dimitrios Tsekeridis Wrestling Greco-Roman −87 kg
Bronze Despoina Metaxia Georgiadou Fencing Individual sabre
Bronze Dimitrios Aslanidis Weightlifting −85 kg Clean & Jerk
Bronze Alexios Ntanatsidis Judo −81 kg
Bronze Theodoros Tselidis Judo −90 kg
Bronze Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou Athletics Discus throw
Bronze Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou Athletics Pole vault
Bronze Alexandros Tsanikidis Boxing Light welterweight
Bronze Polyneikis Kalamaras Boxing Light heavyweight
Bronze Spyridon Giannaros Rowing Lightweight single sculls
Bronze Spyridon Kalentzis Rowing Single sculls
Bronze Konstantinos Douvalidis Athletics 110 m hurdles
Bronze Greek women’s team Water polo Women’s tournament
Bronze Greek men’s team Volleyball Men’s tournament