Conservation laboratories reveal their secrets
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Conservation laboratories reveal their secrets

The invisible, internal support of the bronze statues will be revealed on November 2nd at the National Archaeological Museum “Conservation labs reveal their secrets”.

The Open Museum is an original action of the National Archaeological Museum, which aims to familiarize the general public with the multifaceted work carried out for the research, preservation and promotion of antiquities. What happens in the conservation workshops when the antiquities are preparing to meet the public at the National Archaeological Museum’s exhibitions, but also to travel to museums and exhibitions around the world? Which specialties work together to study, rehabilitate and care for the antifacts kept in the Museum?

From November 2016 to November 2017, thematic presentations at the Museum reveal to visitors the secrets of conservation workshops, honoring and reminding of the old-time offering of the National Archaeological Museum as a conservation center for the whole of Greece since the beginning of its operation.

Presentations, lasting from half to one hour, include on-site observation of exhibits, powerpoint presentation, demonstrations of techniques using special scientific instruments, as well as a visit to conservation workshops. With personal contact with the specialized staff of the National Archaeological Museum, visitors have the opportunity to learn important aspects of their scientific activity.

On November 2, 2017 at 12.00, the fifth presentation entitled “Invisible Supports: the Inner Secrets of the Copper Statues” will take place. Since the late 19th century, the National Archaeological Museum has been enriched with bronze statues found on the seabed of the Greek seas. The sea retained the precious metal that would otherwise have been sacked, recycled and lost. The Antikythera Adolescent, the impressive Neptune, as well as the horse and the jockey found in the sea area of ​​Artemisio are some of the impressive monumental bronze statues that the visitors will see within the museum.