Karpathos’ photographs went viral on Instagram
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Karpathos’ photographs went viral on Instagram

Travis Burke, a professional photographer who travels the world, visited the island of Karpathos in the southeast Aegean Sea. He posted the photographs on social media and gathered thousands of “likes”.

With hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram from followers all around the world, Karpathos is now known for its amazing beauties. Travis Burke, a photographer who travels the world taking pictures of the most amazing corners of the globe, visited the beautiful Greek island and posted some of the pictures in the Go Pro Instagram account.

The photographs went viral for their exceptional beauty – or, to be more precise, for their ability to truly capture the exquisite beauty of the Greek island paradise.

This photograph is the most popular with more than 400.000 likes. The 3 photographs that were posted on Gopro’s official account gathered more than a million likes.


“After going for a swim in the crystal clear harbor of Finiki, Greece, we had lunch at a small cafe and noticed some large caves up in the mountains. While we were hiking up Chelseakauai and I noticed some wild goats watching us from inside the caves. They scurried along the cliff as we got closer and then we had the whole place to ourselves for sunset” he said in an istagram post.