London Times discover Ammouliani island
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London Times discover Ammouliani island

The London Times dedicated an article on the Greek island of Ammouliani, in Halkidiki. The article’s title is “Empty beaches, sleepy villages and quiet tavernas”.

The writer notes that it has just 600 residents and few tourists and wonders how it has not been discovered until now and why this paradise is not on the cover of every travel magazine!

“The view is sublime from our deserted patch of white sand with monastic and mysterious Mount Athos across the bay. The only sound is from seagulls overhead and the odd hum of the beach bar’s generator when it kicks into life every so often to make sure the beer stays cold. Everything is so still and idyllic it’s easy to forget that the Halkidiki mainland is just a 15-minute boat ride away and Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki, less than two hours by car. It also makes me wonder why no one has yet “discovered” the island of Ammouliani”