New photographs from the warrior’s grave in Pylos
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New photographs from the warrior’s grave in Pylos

New photos from the undisturbed rich grave of an ancient warrior dated at 1.500 B.C. discovered at Pylos, were released by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Among the photographs released, the one with the gold chain with asymmetrical spacing of three beads stands out.

The Minister of Culture Mr. Aristides Baltas met with archaeologists Jack L. Davis and Sharon R. Stocker, who brought to light the important discoveries of Pylos, in the presence of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Mr. Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki and Ephor Messinia Mrs. Evangelia Militsi.

As to the findings, Mr. Davis said that the warrior, was between 30-35 years old.

“It must have been a warrior, he may have been a priest also. In ancient times, the same person could be a warrior, a king or priest, depends on the season and the role he had. We can not give a unique role in the grave man” he added.

“A comparison with earlier findings will be made and will help to clarify any queries of the past. He is a very rich undisturbed tomb, and this is very important because usually the tombs in the area are looted” he stressed out.

“Archaeology is a quiet work and we must allow archaeologists to carry out their work without interference. In this case, we have two archaeologists, Mr. Jack L. Davis and Ms. Sharon R. Stocker, serving science with absolutely exemplary way, bringing together our history and culture. My role, as Minister of Culture, is to display their work without political or other forms of exploitation, without pretending to be knowledgeable. We are facing a very large excavation work, since this tomb has disturbed for 3500 years” said Mr Baltas.