Top 10 islands to visit in Greece
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Top 10 islands to visit in Greece

The popular travel site selected 10 Greek islands that suit every need and every mood for its list. Whether you seek romance in Santorini, cuisine in Chios, or a historic immersion in Kastellorizo, there’s a Greek island for any kind of traveller!

1. Romantic Mykonos

Private jets, yachts and helicopters are all part of the jetset migration that flocks to Mykonos each summer, and all that glamour and energy means romantic atmospheres are easy to come by. Gourmet restaurants featuring celebrity Greek chefs offer romantic dinner date potential, while world-class shopping awaits in the island’s whitewashed and lively central village.

2. Romantic Santorini

With its radiant sunsets, Santorini inspires romance on a nightly basis. The island is a unique formation of steep cliffs created after a tremendous volcanic explosion rocked the land mass 3,600 years ago. Cascading down the slopes, the island’s cubist whitewashed homes and blue-domed churches are a photographer’s dream.

3. Culture Corfu

Corfu’s main town is a beautiful example of just how culturally influenced this northern Greek island is.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, its ochre colors blend architecture dating from the island’s Venetian, British and French ruling periods. Fortresses and archeological sites and are among the key landmarks. Culture lovers can choose from museums dedicated to archeology, Asian art or Byzantine culture.

4. Culture Andros

Andros has a rich history of merchant wealth with a shipping industry that once competed with Great Britain. That’s how the Greeks coined its nickname Micra Anglia or Little England.

5. Foodie Chios

To Greeks, Chios Island is synonymous with some of the country’s finest natural foods. It’s lush with citrus groves, its ouzo liquor is famous for being sweet and subtle, and even more special is the island’s mastic, which is an aromatic gum and resin. Chios is the only place in the world where mastic is found and its villages, called mastichochoria, grew wealthy from producing it.

6. Foodie Crete

Crete is the birthplace of the healthy and delicious Cretan diet and Cretans are fiercely proud of what comes naturally to them.

7. Explorer Paros

A favourite summer haunt for celebrities like Tom Hanks (who owns a Parian villa), the island has a lively mix of things to explore, from the local art community and gourmet restaurants, to the trails that lead along the coast, dotted with whitewashed windmills, cubist homes, an ancient town and charming harbours.

8. Explorer Kefalonia

Kefalonia, an island ringed with scenic bays and carved with mountainous slopes, is made for intrepid explorers, particularly at Myrtos Bay, which is a swirl of turquoise shades and idyllic beaches surrounded by dramatic cliffs. The island is dotted with several picturesque villages including Fiskardo and Assos.

9. Historic Rhodes 

Surrounded by aquamarine waters, Rhodes has an impressive medieval walled city where the pages of history books come alive.

10. Historic Kastellorizo

A mere three kilometres from the Turkish coast, this tiny island in the Dodecanese is a historic wonder. Famous names like Eric Clapton and David Gilmour are among those to discover this southernmost Greek island where Europe ends and Asia begins. The island’s Ottoman-style mansions surround a calm harbour of yachts and fishing boats.