Rethink Music: the new face of Athens embracing music
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Rethink Music: the new face of Athens embracing music

The Onassis Scholars Association organizes a special event within the framework of the “Rethink Athens: Towards a new city centre- the final studies” exhibition on Sunday 9 March at 18.00 at the Arsakeion Arcade.  The event is open to the public and it has been inspired by the vision for a new city centre, which marks the positive changes that will take place both for the residents and the visitors of the city centre.

Renowned artists will present their own approach to the new face of the city through 6 music events.

In the exhibition the final studies of the Rethink Athens project for the reorganization of the centre of Athens on the axis of Panepistimiou St. are displayed until March 10. Nineteen specially designed stores of Arsakeion Arcade have been converted into areas of exhibition, study and events.   The exhibition has a dual aim: on one hand, to elaborate on the innovation and broad scope of the technical studies that were implemented for the project of the reorganization of the center of Athens on the axis of Panepistimiou St., and on the other, to activate a series range of vacant spaces, offering a primary sample of dynamic urban activities that can show the imminent changes about to take place in Athens.

The Scholars” Association was established in 1986 on the initiative of the first scholars of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, and is open for enrollment to all scholars who have successfully completed their studies. These scholars hold significant positions in the scientific and artistic communities of the countries where they live and work. The Association’s agenda is scientific, cultural, intellectual and artistic. Until now it has been actively involved in organizing conferences, lectures, cultural and scientific events, and speeches delivered by distinguished speakers from abroad. The Association aims at the active participation of all its members, both Greek and non-Greek.


1.   Medieval music and songs with Lyrae Cantus

  • Christos Christodoulou, counter tenor
  • Panayiotis Priftis, tenor, recorder
  • Theodoros Aivaliotis, baritone
  • Marianna Argyropoulou, bass, viola da gamba
  • Sonia Haralambidou, renaissance lute
  • Vassilis Priovolos, recorder
  • Vangelis Sagris, percussion

2.   A magic city: Piazzola-Hadjidakis

  • Anna Alexopoulou, soprano
  • George Papachristoudis- piano
  • Lefteris Grivas, bandoneon, bajan, accordion
  • Giorgos Panayiotopoulos, violin
  • Thomas Kontogeorgis- orchestration

3.   Maria and Angelika Bolla/ piano 

J. Brahms Danses hongroises Nos 1,4,18

A. Dvorak Danse slave op 72 No2

E. Chabrier Espana

S. Barber Pas de deux (extrait de « Souvenirs » op 28)

E. Lecuona Malaguena (de la Suite Espanole “Andalucia”)

 4.   RethinkOpeRa

  • Myrsini Margariti, Katia Paschou, soprano
    • Trio Harmonia Misturata

Elena Lazaretou, piano

Yoel Soto, bass

Carlos Menendez, percussion

Adaptations of Works of J.Brahms / Α. Benjamin, G.Bizet / A. Piazzolla, L. Delibes / A. Piazzolla, G. Verdi, C. Gounod / D. Fisher and A. Roberts

 5.   Konstantinos Destounis/ piano 

Frederic Chopin: Barcarole, Op. 60

Franz Liszt: Petrarch Sonnet no 104

Frederic Chopin: Scherzo No.2 Op. 31

6.   Springs, meadows, woods and shadows

 Renaissance and Baroque music and songs inspired by »Commedia dell Arte»

  • Mina Polychronou, soprano
  • Nikos Spanatis, counter tenor
  • Vassiliki Kousouni,dance-acrobatics
  • Antonios Pasvantis, dance-acrobatics
  • Dimitris Kountouras, recorder
  • Effi Minakouli, renaissance lute

Anonimo: »A l” entrada del tens clar» (balada) Bernart de Ventadorn

Girolamo Frescobaldi »Se l” aura spira»

John Dowland »Can she excuse my wrongs»

John Dowland »The lord of essex galliard»

Giulio Caccini »Al fonte al prato»

Giulio Caccini »Odi Euterpe»

Sigismondo D” India »Alla guerra d” amore»