Business genius based in Amsterdam
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Business genius based in Amsterdam

At the age of 25 in 2007 he was nominated by the U.S. magazine «BusinessWeek» as one of the best young entrepreneurs of the year in Europe. Having started with just 4,000 euros in his pocket, now he owns three companies, while «Puma», «Fila», the hotel chain «Best Western» and the carrier «Velvet Airlines», are recorded in his clientele.

Being 28 years old today, Thomas Mylonas has chosen Netherlands to be the base of his business. The reason is obvious, and has to do with the gears of bureaucracy in our country, as in Amsterdam took no more, no less, than 25 minutes to make entry of his business in the local market.

When he was 18 years, Tom Mylonas watched his dreams passing to a different path than he had planned. Having stated his preference for the Department of Civil Engineering in Athens, he passed at the Panhellenic examination, at the same school of Crete, and that watered down his joy.

He took the way to Crete to register at the University, but he was found to … Italy. He studied at La Sapienza and his development was rapid. At 21, he worked in Fila, as footwear designer, at 23, he founded the design company «Dot Kite», which offices are currently in Amsterdam, Rome and Athens, while holding the import of mostly Italian wine and Greek olive oil «Loggia Import» and the investment company  «Crux Group», which finances … good ideas.