The Greek associate of Barack Obama

The Greek associate of Barack Obama

Jennifer Psaki on February 19, 2015 was chosen by the President of the USA, Barack Obama as his new Communications Director. She was the spokesperson for the United States Department of State and former spokesperson of President Barack Obama.  Psaki has origins in Messinia and was born in Connecticut to Eileen D. Medvey and Dimitris Psakis. Her father was a real estate agent and owner of two companies before retiring. Jennifer graduated from College of William & Mary in 2001 and started her career with the campaigns of Democrats Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack.

For John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, she served as Deputy Press Secretary. From 2005 to 2006, she worked as the Communications Director to U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley and also as Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

During the 2008 presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama, Psaki served as Travelling Press Secretary. After Obama’s election victory, Psaki followed him to the White House as Deputy Press Secretary and in December 2009 she was promoted to Deputy Communications Director, before leaving the position on September 22nd, 2011, to become Senior Vice President and Managing Director at the Washington office of public relations firm Global Strategy Group. In 2012, she returned to Political Communications as Press Secretary of U.S. President Barack Obama for his re-election campaign. In February 2013, she became the spokesperson for the United States Department of State.

Jennifer Psaki is married to Gregory Matthew Mecher.


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  1. Chris Mertzanakis

    To Jennifer Psaki

    Always wondered if you had greek origins. I follow Jake Tapper on CNN
    and I enjoy your calmness during heated up debates!
    Chris Mertzanakis

    • I am very friendly with the Psaki family, a very athletic Alexandrian Greek family, with roots in Messinia I wonder if her father has any connection with them

  2. JoAnn Giaras Lester

    I was born in Kalamata, Messinia, and wonder what part of the State in Messinia, her Father is from?

  3. Ioannis Kakavas

    To Jennifer Psaki,

    Congratulations on your new job in the White House.
    I read in your CV that your father comes from Messinia, Greece.

    Q: Could you please elaborate where exactly from Messinia ? (i.e. village, municipality if possible). I consider very important to keep and cultivate the links.

  4. Sandra Johnson

    My name is Sandra Johnson and I live in Lauren’s County SC . My entire life has been sabotaged due me speaking out about public corruption in the country. I am being censored and I haven’t received not one stimulus checks. When I borrowed money from Wells Fargo they got my information involved with money laundering scheme put together out pc law Associate 226 W Columbia SC and pc law Associate 200 fleet st Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and some criminals attorney Brian Wade greenville SC and Wells Fargo branch manager Clinton SC Michael Holzer. Please help. Oh I am also on disability. Sandra Johnson Clinton SC

  5. Amazing how someone that COMMUNICATES for a living, and
    Yet she says uhh & ummm every other word. Clear example:college fails them, yet they fail upward because of who they know. Pathetic “Equity” for the connected.