A story of freshness

A story of freshness

Once upon a time, there were the lemonitzidika, the traditional Greek shops selling fresh lemonade drink. Many decades ago, small industries used to produce refreshment and soft drinks, like lemonade, orangeade and lemon soda in every town of Greece. Currently, during the Facebook and mobile Internet era, black and white photos portraying wooden boxes and glass bottles look like fantasy settings. Actually, there are still companies today that dwell on the value of tradition, following the same old recipe in producing refreshment drinks. One of these companies is EPSA, located at Agria of Volos.

The history of EPSA dates back to 1924, an era of lemon surplus in the agricultural area of Pelion. At that time, brothers Kosmadopoulos were working as bankers, but inspired by the rapidly increasing numbers of refreshment drinks shops and sales of traditional lemonade drinks by door-to-door hucksters, they both decided to build up their own refreshment drinks production unit. A German chemical engineer, named Otto, was invited to contribute to the production of lemonade. The popular EPSA secret recipe was born during that time and it currently remains identical to that of past years. Thus, the Agria’s Refrigerator Company, later EPSA, changed its venture field from food preservation and ice production (the ice production company operated up to 1969) to refreshment drinks production. At the same time, the company was also the major distributor of power supply for the whole area.

A lot of things have happened over these last nine decades. In 1937, EPSA earned the Gold Quality Award at the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki. In 1940, the outstanding EPSA glass bottle was designed, destined to become the trademark of the refreshment drinks company of the city of Volos. In the meantime, company’s ownership was taken over by the National Bank of Greece and in 1969 EPSA was bought out by brothers Moskahlaidis and Nikos Tsaoutos.

Fresh investment initiative rapidly increased the production rate to 20,000 bottles per hour. New flavours and several packaging items were added to the EPSA product lines. Following EPSA’s communication booming in Greece during the ‘90s, the brand’s positioning at the A-B Vassilopoulos and Sklavenitis supermarkets updated the image of the superior quality product and formed the foundation to later expand distribution beyond the boundaries of Thessalia.

Currently, EPSA operates from the same facilities at Agria of Volos, with modern refreshment production lines and methods. The building premises that house EPSA’s operations follow the traditional Pelion architecture line and stand in perfect harmony with the housing environment of the area. The water used in EPSA’s refreshment drinks production naturally springs from Agria’s soil. EPSA applies systems of quality control ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000 and guarantees premium product quality. During the last years, next to EPSA’s classic refreshments drinks, like orangeade, lemonade, lemon soda and soda water, EPSA added new products, like lemon cola, sour cherry drink, tonic water, light ice tea with stevia plant sweetener in three flavours, bio orangeade and lemonade, light frizzy lemonade with stevia plant sweetener, light fizzy orangeade with stevia plant sweetener and light drops (sweetener from stevia plant in liquid form). EPSA’s refreshments are sold in glass bottles, aluminum cans and PET plastic bottles.  Moreover, the line is enriched with fruit juices in TetraPak packaging.

EPSA’s products are a sold out in supermarket and are distributed in several prestigious selling points. Moreover, new selling points are created on a regular basis and EPSA’s future is very promising. The philosophy is different!

The Book of EPSA’s History continues to be written in big chapters. The story’s heroes are the intuitive businessmen, inspired to brand and market the Greek traditional lemonade drink, the creative people communicating the product, the area’s residents that have fun producing for EPSA and the area of Agria that inspires strong bonds with traditional values and opens up promising future horizons.


– Fresh investment initiative rapidly increased the production rate to 20,000 bottles per hour.

– EPSA operates from the same facilities at Agria of Volos, with modern refreshment production lines and methods.