From the spring and from the heart

From the spring and from the heart

Natural Mineral Water Bottling company VIKOS S.A. was founded in 1992 setting the foundation for a healthy and promising business, which follows the market development and innovates thanks to its launching products. The company’s market share is recorded at 19%, representing the leading private label water and soft drinks supplier of the country’s major chain supermarkets, reaching a share of 37%.

VIKOS S.A. operates three modern plants, 2 bottling water premises, including 9 modern production lines with a delivery rate of 210.000 litres per hour and a PETCOM plastics manufacturing plant.

In February 2000, VIKOS S.A. was the first company in the Greek water bottling market to acquire a HACCP certificate following a management system for assurance of hygiene, food safety and control of critical control points during the manufacturing process, always seeking certification upgrade. The company has been certified ISO since March 2003, ensuring the company’s commitment to protect the environment.


 The company focuses on continuous improvement of the quality of products from bottling to consumption, as consumer respect and liability are the two key elements of VIKOS S.A. strategy plan. The company’s main objective is the continuous improvement of the desired and promised quality by efficiently using the human, technology and material resources.


1990– Approval is granted for bottling water from the «VIKOS» source, triggering the premises construction.

1992: Permission is granted for operating the Perivleptos plant and the bottling of “Vikos” water from the homonymous source begins.

1996: «Vikos» water is certified as Natural Mineral Water.

1997: Permission is granted for bottling table water from the «Sepeta» source at Perivleptos factory.

1999: The PVC bottle is replaced by the PET bottle and the company is certified for quality assurance with HACCP & ISO 9001.

2003: Innovation: The 1,0L PET, glass shaped bottle is launched. The company is certified with ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

2004: The 4th fully equipped production line for bottling still and sparkling natural mineral water in disposable glass bottles was installed.

2006: Approval granted for bottling «ZAGOROCHORIA» Natural Mineral water from the «ZAGOROCHORIA” source at the company’s new factory which is based in Kalpaki (Bottling certification number Υ/Γ5476/4506/20.09.06 – Δ.Υ.Ι.). It was also certified as Natural Mineral Water.

2007: Innovation: The new large 5 and 10L bottles for water coolers were designed. They are produced from the hygienic PET material and they are disposable, inflated on site, fully pressurized and easily recycled.

2014: The innovative Soft Drinks are launched in the market and rank as the first soft drinks with natural mineral water from the springsource of Zagorochoria.


Since its foundation years, VIKOS S.A. has been receiving many awards and distinctions for the company’s contribution to the Greek economy and its corporate actions concerning social responsibility issues.

Major distinctions:

ICAP’S True Leader Award for 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Northern Greece Greek Value Award for 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece.

National Champion for the last three years by the European Business Awards.

2014: Diamonds of the Greek Economy Distinction by the Stat Bank.

2014: Based in Brussels iTQi’s 3 Stars Distinction for Vikos Natural Mineral Water and Vikos Spark, rewarding the company with recognition for its ongoing effort to deliver premium quality products.

2015: Non-Alcoholic Beverages 2015 Product of the Year for Vikos Soft Drinks.


– The Vikos Soft Drinks are the only beverages with natural mineral water, while the fruit juices used in their manufacturing come from Greek fruit.

– Petcom specializes in manufacturing plastics, owning premises of 8 cap production lines and 9 perform production lines and delivering packaging products of premium quality.

– With the campaign message “We support sports” VIKOS S.A. sponsors several sports activities in Ioannina and in the rest of the country.

– VIKOS S.A. is close to society, mainly basing its social responsibility activities on voluntary blood donation. The company has donated a mobile blood donation unit to the General Hospital of Ioannina “G. Xatzikosta”. Moreover, the company’s employees support VIKOS’s blood donation campaings twice a year.