Charms, armed with her flute

Charms, armed with her flute

Born in Athens, but she left abroad very early to pursue her dream. Natalia Gerakis states that she did not decide at some point in her life to become a musician, it was like there was always this certainty about the path she would follow as she grew older. Thus, finishing school, just found herself in France, after three years in Germany, where she had the opportunity to study in one of the strongest classes in flute in the State Music Academy in Stuttgart. Today, she is a world-class soloist, giving concerts throughout Europe and teaches the children who have the same thirst she had. Her base remains in Stuttgart, she frequently visits Greece, but when he speaks of the Greek reality, one can see her reaction. In an interview, Natalia Gerakis explained that although she left in anger from the country – “because she was torturing me and she could not give me the primary to go forward”, but over time she realized that she is not angry but hurt, cause as she claimed, «there is an incredible number of talented young people who unfortunately have to leave Greece if they want to develop.»


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  1. Λεωνίδας Γιανναρος

    Την κα. Γεράκη την απολαύσαμε στις 13.01.2018 στην Στουτγάρδη σε συναυλία με έργα του G.F. Telemann, με σοπρανο, την εξαιρετική Μάρια Παλασκα. Τα χειροκροτηματα δεν έλεγαν να τελειωσουν.

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