Advertising Greece in his popular travel guides

Advertising Greece in his popular travel guides

A third generation Greek American, Matt Barrett is outlined by the New York National Herald as an accomplished host of the top visited online English-speaking travel guides for Greece.

Matt Barrett’s Travel Guides shares a wide variety of travel photography and video content about Greece, like information and tips about towns and destinations, restaurants, hotels and museums. Barrett himself authors and edits 99% of his web content, while regularly motivating travel fans to visit Greece and send him e-mails requesting information.

Barrett’s wife is also a Greek American citizen. He first visited Greece in 1963, at the age of 9, when his father was appointed Professor at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. They resided in Greece for almost a year, came back in 1968 and stayed up to 1974. However, his parents’ homeland has always had a special place in Matt’s heart and Greece is his favourite summer vacation destination. He never stops updating his knowledge about the country and he’s in love with the island of Lesvos.

As Matt formerly stated in The National Herald, he spends daily up to 5 hours to reply to travelers’ e-mails requesting information about Greece. Updating his website on a regular basis, he currently spends 20 minutes total to reply to his fans’ e-mails. The most frequently asked question he receives about Greece concerns safety, motivating him to upload a special web page on this matter at