Proclaimed best looking Greek by Obama

Proclaimed best looking Greek by Obama

John Philip Stamos is an actor, a musician and a producer. He is widely known for his role as Jesse Katsopolis on the ABC sitcom Full House, he occasionally performs with the Beach Boys band and produces the television series and movies.

He was born on 19 August 1963 in California of the United States. His father, William Stamos, has Greek heritage and his mother, Loretta Phillipshas English-Irish. His family’s surname was originally Stamatopoulos.

Stamos has a long career as an actor. He firstly appeared in the television series “General Hospital” in 1983 as Blackie. The next year he appeared in 12 episodes of the series “Dreams” as Gino Minelli and then, in 1985, made his first movie appearance as the messenger in the 1985 movie “Alice in Wonderland”.

In the period 1986-1994, he appeared in 26 episodes of the series “You Again?” as Matt Willows and on some episodes of the series “MMC”, “ABC TGIF”, “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper”, “Tales from the Crypt” and “Step by Step”. He also made many appearances in movies, as Joey in “Daughter of the Streets”(1990), as Robert Knott in “Captive”(1991), as Joe Seldon in “The Disappearance of Christina”(1993) and as Nick Pagan in “Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O’Hara Story”(1994).

Stamos, in 1987, won the 1st role on the ABC sitcom Full House as Jesse Katsopolis. According to Jeff Franklin, he asked that the character’s last name be Katsopolisto highlight his Greek heritage. The series was a major success and skyrocketed his acting career. The series won 16 awards and another 20 nominations. In 1995, after eight seasons, the series came to an end and J. Stamos had appeared in all 193 episodes.

From 1995 until 2005, he appeared in the television series “The Larry Sanders Show”, in “Tracey Takes On…”, in “The Beach Boys: An American Family”, in “Thieves”, in “Friends” and in “Jake in Progress” and in the movies “A Match made in Heaven”(1997), in “The Marriage Fool”(1998), in “Sealed with a Kiss”(1999), in “How to Marry a Billionaire: A Christmas Tale”(2000), in “Fortunate Son” (2000), in “My Best Friend’s Wife”(2001), in “The Reagans” (2003) and in “Knots”(2004).

In 2005,  he appeared in 65 episodes of the series “ER” as Tony Gates. The series won a Golden Globe award, 152 other awards and had another 365 nominations. The series ended in 2009. During that period, he appeared also in the movies “Wedding Stars”(2006), in “A Raisin in the Sun”(2008) and in “The Two Mr. Kissels”(2008). From 2009, he appeared in other 15 series, the most recent ones being “Grandfathered”, “Fuller House” and “Scream Queens” and in eight movies, the most recent one being “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”.

Stamos is also a producer. He has produced 34 episodes of seven series, some of them being “Fuller House”, “Jake in Progress” and “Grandfathered”, and four movies, some of them being “”My Best Friend’s Wife” and “The Two Mr. Kissels”.

Apart from the film industry, he is also a successful singer and drummer. In 1988, he appeared in the “The Beach Boys” video “Kokomo”, in which he played both the conga drums and the steel drums and in 1992, he sang lead vocals on a new version of “Forever” for their album “Summer in Paradise”. Since the 1990s, he has regularly performed with The Beach Boys, such as during their summer tours, playing drums and guitar and singing along on some of their hit songs.