Actress in German tv series

Actress in German tv series

Maria Ketikidou is an actress, mostly known by her long appearances in the German television crime series “Großstadtrevier” as Harry Möller.

M. Ketikidou was born on June 9 1966 in Hagen, Germany and is of Greek descent. Her Greek parents came to Germany in the late 1960s.

She made her first television appearance in the 1981 short movie “Nachtfahrer” as Daniela. Two years later, she appeared in the drama movie “Die Heartbreakers” as Lisa, a movie that won two awards and two nominations.
Her next appearances was in the 1985 drama movie “AllesPaletti” as Anke, in the 1988 comedy “Das Traumauto” as Susi and in the 1989 movie “AufsGanze”, again as Susi.

In 1990, M. Ketikidou started appearing in television series. She started with the series “Hotel Paradies” as Ines where she was on the cast for five episodes. One year later, she appeared in the television family series “Leonie Löwenherz” where she appeared in total 20 episodes as Martina ‘Tina’ Fechner.

On the same year she started appearing in the television crime series “Großstadtrevier”. She had the role of the police officer Harry Möller, a role she keeps till today, after 25 years. The series has won two awards in the Golden Camera Awards in Germany.

M. Ketikidou has appeared on many television series afterwards such as in “Sterne des Südens” (1991), in “Adelheid und ihreMörder” (1993), in “Stadtklinik” (1996), in “Stubbe – Von Fall zu Fall” (1996), in “SK Babies” (1999), in “Die Rettungsflieger” (2005), in “Tatort” (2006), in “Der Dicke” (2009) as well as in movies such as in the 2009 drama “Soul Kitchen”, in the 2010 romance “Fasten à la Carte” and in the 2012 comedy “Der Weihnachtsmuffel”.

Maria Ketikidou spends her free time with her father listening Greek music. She visits Greece each year and spends her summers in her house in Chalkidiki, Greece.


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